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Drool Fuel (Eight Pack)

Designed For Human-Free Play    Thousands Sold, Zero Busted

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Junior Varsity Ball -- Eight Pack (35% Off!)

Not Available Outside the U.S. or in Alaska or Hawaii.  Sorry.

What Real Dog Owners Say About the Varsity Ball:

"I have to get a leash and pull Ozzy away from it... I have to put him in a different yard to go to bathroom... He has passed out on top of it... He LOVES that Varsity Ball. Thanks again."
Jason F., Friends to the Forlorn
Pitbull Rescue, Inc.,

"You couldn't have delivered more on your promise. We have a 100 lb, 1-year-old German Shepherd who absolutely destroyed any and every toy you can give him; we saw some dogs on YouTube playing with the Varsity Ball and we couldn't have been more pleased!"
Teresa W.

"I received my varsity ball in the mail earlier today. I was excited and my puppy was excited but he didn't know why ... Now he's an exhausted 100lb, 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback that is OBSESSED with his new yellow ball. Thanks for such a great and thoughtful product!"
Gabrielle T.

"My 130 pound rottie loves it! He destroys every toy we buy him. But so far not this one!"
Cheryl O.

The Dog Toy That the Pros Trust

"At the Georgia K9 National Training Center we develop and train the country’s finest dogs. We use work-outs and play sessions with the Varsity Ball to provide our dogs with the exercise they need to reach their full potential. Our dogs love them!

Jeff Schettler
Georgia K9 National Training Center

110% Guaranteed Indestructible

Thanks to our PATENT-PENDING design, we’ve sold thousands of Varsity Balls and exactly ZERO have been destroyed. If your dog is the first to destroy one, we'll not only replace it but also refund 10% of your purchase price. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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How It Works

No human interaction necessary! The Varsity Ball is designed to stimulate a dog’s natural herding instincts and play drive. It’s too big for dogs to destroy or possess in their mouths, so they drive themselves to exhaustion just trying to “figure it out.”
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Made in the USA

Varsity Pets is an American-owned business and every one of our Varsity Balls is made 100% in the USA.

Stop Throwing Money Away on Wimpy Toys!

The average dog owner spends well over $100 every year on easily-destroyed toys and rewards. Stop throwing money away on wimpy toys and get one guaranteed to last!

Tough! Addictive! Like A Live Play Partner!