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This dog can truly bend over backwards!!!

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Dog Has Baby Trained

Ancestors of modern-day dogs came to live with humans because they provided easy access to food? Gee, you don't say.

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The Song of the Squirrel

No stranger sound has been made by a dog.  EVER!

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We definitely want to let these cute sleeping dogs lie

They are all just too cute... except for the one at 2:19 -- that's just disturbing.

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Dog And Toddler Are Born Under A Bad Sign

This is amazing.  Bloodhounds are undoubtedly the blues men of the dog world.

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Check Out This Canine Cliff Diver

Not to be tried at home but oh so cool.  And she did it with a GoPro on.  What a rockstar!

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"Super Beagle" Catches Passes With His Paws

Someone call Coach Dan, we gotta sign this little guy up.  

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When A Puppy Attacks (A Weed)

Don't be afraid, little guy...

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The Secret Lives of Hungry, Stay-at-Home Dogs

Something tells us that this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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