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World's Most Advanced Canine Sports DrinkTM

Your Dog Can Do More ... We Guarantee It!

What Real People Say About Drool Fuel:

"Got our first box of Drool Fuel and used for the first time today before and after disc practice. AMAZING results!!! Greta had more energy and speed (she is already wicked fast) and her recover after was way faster. Can't wait to see how it helps in competition.”

Jana R.

"This weekend was the first flyball tournament that I used Drool Fuel with Sarafina, and I also shared it with my teammates. Her stamina over the weekend was great, normally by Sunday she is tired and begins to drop the ball, but this weekend she was still ready to go by the end of Sunday."

April P.

"We've been giving our dogs Drool Fuel everytime they do workouts or compete and we have definitely seen a difference! Taho's personal best in Extreme Vertical has been 6'10" but this weekend, he went all the way up to 7'4". I just wanted to thank you for introducing us to such a great product, the results are definitely proving to be incredible!"

Jesse D.

"Two paws up! My dog, Bear, is a high energy border collie mix who works hard at playing and dock jumping. She wants to let you know Drool Fuel tastes amazing and is gentle on her wildly sensitive tummy. It will also give me, the over protective dog mom, piece of mind while we compete in the heat."

Jeannine G.

"Since using Drool Fuel, Bo and my other six dogs have recovered noticeably quicker and are always ready to go for their next day’s training. Thank you Varsity Pets for an excellent product!”

Crystal McClaran, Team Bo Nose, Cape Coral, FL

“I've tried every kind of canine sports drink under the sun and I can confidently say that Drool Fuel is the most effective product that I have ever come across. All of my dogs love the taste and there is no question that it helps them recover more quickly from tough workouts.”

Steve Mize, Team Southern Charm

"Thank you for this incredible product! Keeping a balance for carb intake and hydration has long been part of our success in dock diving. This product has has really boosted our performance with the addition of the 10 essential canine amino acids.”

Erika Jones, Team O-Dog, Denver, CO

"After two weeks of use, my skepticism was cast aside with not one, not two, but FOUR dogs (of varying ages) showing a marked improvement in stamina and recovery post training and competition. As I mentioned previously, my dogs compete in multiple venues all of which require a physically fit dog. Since providing the Drool Fuel pre and post activity, I have noticed improved stamina especially during field training and agility where repetitive running, jumping, and quick turns are very taxing on a dogs body.”

Chelsey Conklin, Team Aerodogs

"Thank you for an amazing product, it helped Tucker replenish himself and kept him safe from dehydration. Even my chessie who generally will not drink at events dove right into the bowl. Thank you for an amazing product!"

Jenn B.

How it Works

The scientific basis for the patent-pending Drool Fuel formula is unprecedented in the history of canine sports supplements. Download the free Drool Fuel technical research whitepaper and see for yourself:

Fueling World Champions

Drool Fuel is the secret behind world champion canine athletes. Dogs like Bo, the highest-rated DockDogs Iron Dog IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPORT! Drool Fuel-powered athletes have already won FIVE world championships in 2013 alone!

Nothing Else Comes Close

The Drool Fuel formula includes energy-packed glucose polymers, muscle-building canine essential amino acids, antioxidants, B-vitamins, and electrolytes. Click here to see how other canine supplements compare!

American-Made and Guaranteed

Varsity Pets is an American-owned business and Drool Fuel is made 100% in the USA. If you don't see results in 30 days, just send it back for a full refund.

Fight Deadly Canine Dehydration

The delicious beef flavor of Drool Fuel encourages dogs to drink even BEFORE they become thirsty. Pre-hydrate with Drool Fuel to avoid the dangers of work-induced dehydration and overheating. Click here for ingredients and nutrition facts.

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Risk-Free: If Your Dog Doesn't Like Drool Fuel Just Return It Within 30 Days For a Full Refund!

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