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Designed For Human-Free Play    Thousands Sold, Zero Busted

What Real Dog Owners Say About the Varsity Ball:

"Just wanted to let you know that a YEAR after I received my varsity ball for Achilles, he is STILL in love with it! He's now 17 months old and 85 lbs!! He plays with his ball every day!"

Jenn O.

"I have to get a leash and pull Ozzy away from it... I have to put him in a different yard to go to bathroom... He has passed out on top of it... He LOVES that Varsity Ball. Thanks again."
Jason F., Friends to the Forlorn
Pitbull Rescue, Inc.,

"You couldn't have delivered more on your promise. We have a 100 lb, 1-year-old German Shepherd who absolutely destroyed any and every toy you can give him; we saw some dogs on YouTube playing with the Varsity Ball and we couldn't have been more pleased!"
Teresa W.

"I received my varsity ball in the mail earlier today. I was excited and my puppy was excited but he didn't know why ... Now he's an exhausted 100lb, 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback that is OBSESSED with his new yellow ball. Thanks for such a great and thoughtful product!"
Gabrielle T.

"My 130 pound rottie loves it! He destroys every toy we buy him. But so far not this one!"

Cheryl O.

Just received the Varsity Ball tonight. What a great product! Abruzzi, my almost five year-old shepherd/lab mix LOVES it!!!"

Janet C.

"The varsity ball is really something special. For the service dogs here, it's totally amazing. Actually had to contact the original trainer (Slovakia/Florida) for some new training a new command in Slovak to get the normally serene and perfect service dog to freeze (when necessary) while with the ball."
Sharon C.

"Just wanted to tell you what a great product you are making. I as a veterinary technician at the Midwest's largest no-kill dog sanctuary. We are always looking for enrichment for the dogs here, and someone donated a varsity ball. I was so impressed with the durability."
Laurie V.

"We have a very active and playful 3 year old German Shepherd and she destroys most other toys. She plays with it just like your video. I couldn’t believe it, I was thinking “gee how long is this going to last, she will get bored in a week or so!?” Well it has been over 6 months and she loves the ball, she goes right for it every time we let her out." Joe C.

"[M]y dog LOVES her varsity ball! Best money I've spent on one product and she works with it 'alone' so to speak draining her energy. We supervise her but she just pushes that ball all over the yard barking her head off."

Shelly Q.

"The ball is her absolute favorite toy... she is actually crazy for it. She doesn't bark at it so much anymore, and has increased her skill and agility in her own personal ballgame to a level that is thrilling to watch. Thanks for a great toy."

Sandy H.

"Otis, my 70# American Pit Bull Terrier LOVES to tear up his toys. Being part terrier he loves to chase his Varsity Ball through the yard and try to catch it. When he goes to grab it with his mouth or paws, it shoots away and he goes chasing after it again. He has not been able to tear up this toy, truly a first for him."
Barbara C.

"Great job on the Varsity Ball. My 125 pd rottweiler LOVES it and I love that he can't tear it up. Best money I've ever spent on a toy. Thanks again!"
Tricia L.

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got our ball today! BEST ball on the market! Hands down, thumbs Up! And we've tried a lot of balls. Can't wait to share this with my doggie friends. WELL worth the money! Thank you, Varsity Pets!!!"
Beth T.

"Just wanted to touch base with you regarding our purchase of the Varsity Ball, which is such a hit that my wife and I have to literally take it away from Sully at night otherwise he won’t come in the house. So far, absolutely thrilled with the purchase regarding the indestructibility of the ball and the exercising of the dog."
Eric T.

"Charlie's Varisty Ball lives up to your advertisements. It's tough. And Charlie loves it. He has rubbed his nose a little raw from playing so much. We took a break from playing with it yesterday to give his nose time to heal. Charlie is ready to get back at it today. Thanks for a great product."
Melissa B.

"I just wanted to say how much my dog (German Shepherd) LOVES his varsity ball!!!! He gets so frustrated when it won’t go where he wants it to go and barks his head off at it while he’s trying to maneuver it. Thank you so much for making these wonderful toys!!!"
Judith M.

"I just wanted to let you know that my dog, a pit bull named Monty, loves playing with his Varsity ball! He pushes the ball all around the yard, whimpering the entire time because he can't get it into his mouth. I have to physically drag him away from his ball to get him into the house!"
Bev. N.

"Just wanted to say that my male GSD after 4 days has not stopped playing with the pink Varsity ball. He has claimed it as his own and will not allow my female boxer, or his future wife to play with it. It is teaching him direction with it, he directs this ball to go where he wants it too. HE LOVES IT!"
McTyre L.

"What a hit! I have two Jack Russell's and they cannot destroy the Varsity ball although they tried. I run them every day playing fetch. Sometimes I do not have the time to play fetch, so this ball will definitely keep them busy. Thanks for such a great product. Tell the gang on the assembly...a job well done."

"Our dogs love playing with the Varsity Ball. It is just one more way that we live true to our word when we tell our clients to 'Bring 'em in wired and take 'em home tired.' The fact that it is indestructible is a real bonus since there could be 10 dogs playing with it at the same time."
Ken W.

"I was pet sitting for a friend when I first saw a varsity ball in action. My friend's dog would get so excited when I got the ball out and play happily for such a long time! I usually just watched him run around the yard, dribbling the ball, pullng it backwards with his front paws, and trying to mouth it. All around a great dog toy!" Emily S.

"My almost 10 year old GSD LOVES his new tennis ball! I have never seen him play as much with any toy as he plays with the Varsity Ball, he's a toy hog, holds it in his mouth and carries it around...he gets so frustrated that he can't pick up the Varsity Ball with his mouth, it keeps him busy until he's tuckered out!!"
Jennifer C.

"My boy Chewie D loooooves his VB! After going through so many toys, Varsity Ball is Chewie's ultimate favorite. He loves it, never gets bored of it. He has yet to find a way to damage it and believe me he tries. It provides endless entertainment for him, not to mention lots of exercise."
Renee R.

"We have used the Varsity Ball over the weekend and it seems to be a hit. It has proven to be a useful tool in our "bootcamp" program (extra intense exercise for some of our more rambunctious dogs."
Chandra V.

"We love the Varsity Ball! The quality of their made in USA product and the caring owners makes this an easy company to support. Get one for your best buddy today! Heck get one for your furry grandkid or neighbor's dog who barks too much or anyone!"
Marcia H.

"At the Georgia K9 National Training Center we develop and train the country's finest working dogs. We use work-outs and play sessions with the Varsity Ball to provide our dogs with the exercise they need to reach their full potential. Our dogs love them!"
Jeff S.

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110% Guaranteed Indestructible

Thanks to our PATENT-PENDING design, we’ve sold thousands of Varsity Balls and exactly ZERO have been destroyed. If your dog is the first to destroy one, we'll not only replace it but also refund 10% of your purchase price. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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How It Works

No human interaction necessary! The Varsity Ball is designed to stimulate a dog’s natural herding instincts and play drive. It’s too big for dogs to destroy or possess in their mouths, so they drive themselves to exhaustion just trying to “figure it out.”
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Made in the USA

Varsity Pets is an American-owned business and every one of our Varsity Balls is made 100% in the USA.

Stop Throwing Money Away on Wimpy Toys!

The average dog owner spends well over $100 every year on easily-destroyed toys and rewards. Stop throwing money away on wimpy toys and get one guaranteed to last!

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Tough! Addictive! Like A Live Play Partner!